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How To Repair Damaged Stucco

Posted on 28 April 2018 by admin (0)

When talking about home sidings, stucco is one of the most durable and is dominate throughout the south and southwest. Stucco gained its popularity due to its beautiful outlook, durability, and being cheaper than similar home sidings (research says a square foot of stucco costs about $5 less than a similar home siding).

Stucco is so durable that it can last up to hundred years. However, to ensure this, it has to be effectively managed from time to time. We recommend you go with a local painting company (if you are in Arizona, check out the guys at BGB Painting) that knows how to repair stucco and match your existing color scheme to make your home look like new.

If you want to DIY, follow these steps:

Water is the main cause of damage to stucco as once it is able to get under the surface of the stucco; it breaches the barrier thus leading to gradual deterioration of the stucco and wall in extension. The following are the steps to take when attempting to repair your stucco.

  • Mix stucco.

It is important to know that stucco tends to change color over the years. This means that the new batch you got might not quite have the same color as that which you are trying to repair. You can remedy this by painting the new batch after you might have installed it to make it blend or you could purchase and add color pigments which you will add to your mix till you get your desired color.

  • Apply the first coat

Before application, make use of a chisel and hammer to get rid of any loose damaged stucco pieces. Apply your stucco mix to the damaged area using a trowel. What you have done is apply the first layer which is known as the ‘scratch coat’

  • Add grooves

After step 2 above, to assist the application of further coats, make use of a trowel to scrape off grooves into the mix.

  • Prepare for the brown coat

The next layer to be applied is known as the brown coat (whatever the color might be). In preparation for this, you are meant to apply water onto the scratch coat that you have left to dry for at least 24 hours.

  • Apply the brown coat

Proceed to add the next coat. Be sure to spread the mix evenly and level it so that the brown coat comes off as being flat and level.

  • Apply the final coat

You are almost there! Be sure this coat is somewhat thick and evenly applied.

  • Texturize

Make use of a sponge to give the stucco that finished texture. You can then proceed to paint the stucco if you didn’t already add pigments to the mixture. Painting the edges is also advised to cover up the seams.