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How to DIY Painting your Exterior

Posted on 21 October 2019 by admin (0)

Painting the exterior of your home may seem like a hard, long, and tedious nightmare. But with careful and well-organized planning, the project will be done successfully. Just keep reading this write-up that will help you accomplish just that.

Pressure Cleaning

Open face cracks need to be filed with a patching compound, not caulk. Caulking is utilized to seal home windows, doors, and also corners. Caulk on an open face surface will blink when repainted. Change any type of broken trim such as a wooden door trim.

Sealant, Conditioner

An absolute necessity. I can not stress sufficient the relevance of securing as well as keying an exterior before painting. Sealers and primers are less expensive than overcoats as well as when appropriately used lower the amount of pricey leading layers needed, saving you cash. But more vital is the moisture protection a great seal brings. Sealer locks out dampness and boosts the life of your topcoat. It stops wetness infiltration that works to damage down your topcoat while boosting the likelihood of mildew growth.

The Top Coats

You always should select top-notch paint for the topcoats. A few bucks right here will make your painting experience extra enjoyable. Better protection, less work, a far better surface is just some of the benefits of using high-quality topcoats.

Flat vs. Satin

It is always recommended using satin paint sheen over a flat. It is a little more expensive but worth the price. It produces a far better dampness barrier securing the home from water seepage and also mildew. A satin sheen also gives a far better paint coating look.


For a straightforward guide, exterior trim may be painted either lighter or darker than the body depending on the neighborhood, landscape, or geographical area. The front door may be painted in a much darker, bolder color than the body and trim for more elegance. If you follow this simple exterior house painting tips, it will make your exterior house painting project less aggravating.