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Build Your Own Backyard Fireplace

Posted on 14 May 2018 by admin (0)

Before building your fire pit, you have to gather some essential supplies like: bricks, gravel, a stake, a tape measure, a string or tine, a trowel and a large shovel, a level, and a tamp.

Also, you’ll have to consult your local fire code to know if fire pits aren’t prohibited in your city, and if they aren’t – what the distance of the fire pit should be from a structure.

After carrying these out, then you are good to go!

Step 1: Create a circle

Choose an area in your yard for the fire pit and place a stake in the ground where the pit will be centered. Tie an end of the twine or string to the stake and measure up how wide you’ll like the circle to be. Normally, the diameter of a fire pit is about 4 to 5ft. Cut the twine then tie its other end to the trowel’s handle. Create a line in the grass with the sharp end of the twine.

Step 2: Shovel out the grass

Dig out the grass in the circle with a large shovel. For safety reasons, the hole has to be about 6 to 12 in. deep. You want to make sure there are no utility lines under your chosen spot before you begin to dig.

Step 3: Tamp down the soil

A tamp can be used for this, you can also use the bottom of the shovel.

Step 4: Level the circle

Ensure the tamped surface is level and bricks can be laid.

Step 5: Add gravel

Pour a really thick layer of gravel in the pit and spread it around evenly.

Step 6: Arrange the bricks

After spreading the gravel in the fire pit, arrange the bricks circularly and stack up until the pit wall is about 12 in. tall or more.

For safety purposes, you can add an inner layer of firebricks. Although you won’t have to use mortar if bricks weigh enough to make a solid stack, an outdoor mortar with fire-resistant can be used between the bricks for more stability.

Step 7: Sit back and enjoy your fireplace!

Gather chairs around, some firewood, call up some friends and you can start utilizing your new fireplace.